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Why Bring SkillsUSA to Your School?

SkillsUSA is a professional organization that is designed to be run by students, for their own growth and benefit. SkillsUSA members develop into well-rounded people with technical, academic and employability skills that will help them get a job and have a successful career. Through chapter meetings, contests, leadership conferences and activities, students will be building these skills. Each chapter chooses, plans and conducts it own activities.

SkillsUSA serves more than 335,000 students and instructors annually and answers the call of American industry by helping to produce better-prepared employees for the technical workforce. The organization has 13,000 school chapters in 54 state and territorial associations. More than 16,500 instructors and administrators are professional members of SkillsUSA.

Along with being a member of SkillsUSA there are other opportunities to put your leadership skills to use. Becoming a state officer is a wonderful way to use and develop your talent. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a student. When you consider running for a state office be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Yes, it can lead to a great title, some travel and can look good on a resume, but holding an office means you agree to take on certain responsibilities and you agree to represent the organization on a national level.


Get Ready to Join

What Do Students Get for Their Dues?

Dues-paying student members of SkillsUSA automatically receive the following benefits:

Access to career resources and contact with industry, Opportunities to compete in the SkillsUSA Championships at the local, state or national levels, Opportunities for scholarships, awards and honors, Job contacts and networking opportunities, A chance to learn and practice professional and leadership skills, Recognition from peers, teachers and leaders within the community

SkillsUSA Magazine Subscription All SkillsUSA members receive a subscription to SkillsUSA Champions, the official publication of the organization. This quarterly magazine includes feature stories about outstanding individuals and their achievements, articles about SkillsUSA chapters and the latest information on careers and training.

Scholarship and Award Opportunities SkillsUSA members have opportunities for more than $1 million annually in scholarships, contests, awards and honors. Many are tied to the national SkillsUSA Championships. Each state offers its own awards and scholarships through their state conference. You can also visit the National SkillsUSA Scholarships page for additional opportunities.

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