President, Julianna Matthews

Carpentry Major

Albany Technical College

Julianna Matthews is a Carpentry major at Albany Technical College. Upon completion, she looks to return to Albany Technical College to complete her Associate degree in Computer Aided drafting to pair with her Real Estate License. She supports positive community growth and economic development in her neighborhood and surrounding communities. She is currently working as a project manager for Crawford’s Construction where she is driven by providing exceptional customer service and the best renovation experience possible. Julianna discovered her passion for building after Southwest Georgia experienced devastating storms that left her community in ruins. Many homes were destroyed and left many families displaced. It was at this time that Julianna discovered the power and her passion for Real Estate, Design, & Construction. As a single mother of two girls, she also understands the importance of a safe and functional home. With this understanding, Julianna is looking to start a company focused on aiding in the acquisition, customized design, and restoration of homes and commercial buildings in her community. SkillsUSA has help her develop exceptional customer service and public speaking skills. Julianna is a first time gold winner in extemporaneous speech and is on the hunt for a gold at national.


Vice President, Tyler Butler

Game Development and Computer Programming

Gwinnett Technical College

Tyler Butler, the man infamous for selling furniture while going to school for Game Development and Computer Programming, is known for accomplishments with SkillsUSA as a state officer, a silver medalist in prepared speech, a gold medalist in extemporaneous speech, and most importantly being a national gold medalist for extemporaneous speech. Tyler grew up in the suburbs of Snellville, Georgia where he attended grade school in the Brookwood cluster. Tyler is most often described as funny, kind, and someone who makes a great leader.


Parliamentarian, Aaron Anderson

Design and Media Production Technology Major

Augusta Technical College

Aaron Anderson is a German born Georgia transplant. Coming from a military family he has lived in many different places but now calls Evans, GA his home. Aaron is a Design and Media major from Augusta Technical College. Aaron competed in the state SkillsUSA Pin Design contest and took home a silver medal. He has a budding freelance graphic design business which lets him continue to develop his design skills outside of class. When Aaron is not designing something for a project you can find him on his motorcycle riding around the state of Georgia. Be on the lookout for him, he may come to your town for a visit.


Secretary/Treasurer, Chris Carswell

Design and Media Production Technology Major

Augusta Technical College

Christopher F. Carswell, a of native Waynesboro, GA, is a Web Design and Media Production major at Augusta Technical College. Watching his father run a successful construction business growing up, Chris quickly developed the leadership skills which gave him the foundation to start his first company; Fa Sho Entertainment and a non-profit organization Unique Kids Outreach Services. He enjoys spending time with his son, family, and going to church. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, working in the community with his brother; the Mayor of Waynesboro, and taking pics of the gospel group that he manages out of Nashville, Tennessee. Now, as an officer of the SkillsUSA, he plans to share his passion for videography and photography to highlight the wonderful moments the team shares. Chris is a two-time gold medalist in TV/Video Production on the state level and a silver national medalist for this team competition.


Reporter/Historian, Ryan Bargeron

Design & Media Production Technology Major

Augusta Technical College

Ryan Cordell Bargeron lives in Harlem, Georgia and is a Graphic Design major from Augusta Technical College. He intends to further his education and obtain a bachelor’s degree unless he receives a job as a content creator/streamer. He has a major interest in game design. Ryan started a stream on competitive game play on which is one of the world’s largest video platform and community for gamers. Ryan used to compete at Minor League Gaming (MLG) and Unorganized Management gaming (UMG) Call of Duty events for high payouts. Recently, Ryan won his 1st gold medal in T-Shirt Design.


August 3 2018

If you are trying to remember just how great the 2018 Georgia State SkillsUSA Leadership Conference was, click on the link below to refresh your memory! Our man on the ground captured some great images and caught our competitors doing some great things. Give this a glance, you might see your friends or yourself here.


2019 WorldSkills Welding Team Member Announced

March 12 2019

Congratulations to Ryan Fincher from Georgia Northwestern Technical College for being selected by the American Welding Society to represent the U.S. at WorldSkills in the welding competition! After winning our Georgia Postsecondary state welding competition in 2017, Ryan won the national SkillsUSA welding gold medal and has now been selected to represent the U.S. at WorldSkills in Russia in August 2019! Ryan will also receive a $40,000 scholarship.

Click here to read more about Ryan and his journey to WorldSkills!>

2018 SkillsUSA Awards Recognition

November 5 2018

The 2018 SkillsUSA medalists were invited to the TCSG offices to be honored on October 4th. All that were able to attend were introduced to everyone who was in attendance; this included the TCSG State Board of Directors, our college presidents and invited guests. To see a little bit of the festivities click on the link below. Maybe next time it will be you walking the walk of fame!

Click here to view 2018 SkillsUSA Award Recognitions.

Amy Holloway Scholarship

August 19 2018

About Amy Holloway: After a brave fight with cancer, Amy Holloway passed away on September 9th 2015, but her smile will be remembered for years to come. Amy inspired and touched many people throughout her life, but perhaps most important was her dedication to our students. She had a passion for their success, which was frequently showcased in the SkillsUSA Competition she helped to coordinate. Amy joined TCSG in 1996 where she worked with the New Connections Program, Institutional Effectiveness, and Student Affairs as the Student Life Coordinator and State Director for SkillsUSA.

The purpose of the Amy Holloway Scholarship is to benefit participants in the SkillsUSA program by providing financial support for tuition, fees, books, tools and supplies, or to cover expenses to attend the SkillsUSA state or national conference.


Spring Semester Award: December 1

Submit completed application with attached documentation to:

The Technical College System

of Georgia Foundation

Attention: Scholarships

1800 Century Place, Suite 275

Atlanta, GA 30345

Please see attached application for the scholarship, it is open to any SkillsUSA student member at a SkillsUSA Georgia Postsecondary school. The scholarship award will be $500, please encourage your students to apply. Please email me directly at if you have general questions. Thank you!

Amy Holloway Scholarship.pdf

mikeroweWORKS Foundation

August 14 2017

The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is a foundation that rewards people with a passion to get trained for skilled jobs that actually exist. SkillsUSA and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation have teamed up to increase opportunities for SkillsUSA students to attend the National Leadership and Skills Conference. The application window for this scholarship is now closed but be sure to check back often for this scholarship opportunity.

mikeroweWORKS Foundation


August 3 2018

The NATIONAL SkillsUSA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE was the place to be in June if you wanted to see first hand just how important technical education is in the state of Georgia. Georgia came in second in the nation in medals awarded!!! Check out this link to read more about how well our technical college students from the state of Georgia represented themselves.

TCSG Press Release


June 2018

We're already getting ready for our annual State Conference and Championships! We will be announcing updates, so check back often. See you in March 2019!

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We are pleased to announce that we've added a CONTACT US BUTTON! Just click on the Connect with your Leadership Team button above and now you'll be directed to a form that you may use to contact us. We love to hear from our SkillsUSA Teammates. So, whatever is on your mind, if you have a suggestion or question, zip it to us and let's discuss it. Remember, we're listening!

SkillsUSA Theme

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2019 year is:
Champions at Work, Career-Ready Starts Here

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board contests is how our slogan,
Champions at Work, Career-Ready Starts Here relates to our national program of work in the area of Professional Development.


Learn More About
SkillsUSA in Georgia

SkillsUSA is a national, nonprofit student organization that has developed more than 10 million workers through active partnerships between employers and educators. Hundreds of American industries have turned to SkillsUSA as the source for employees who exemplify "Champions at Work" in both skills and attitudes. SkillsUSA's mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. At the heart of this mission are SkillsUSA's core values: integrity, responsiblity, citizenship, service and respect.


Get SkillsUSA at
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Any student enrolled in a school which has an active SkillsUSA chapter is eligible to become a member. You do not have to enrolled in a career/technology class to become a member. You simply have to affiliate yourself with the local chapter. If your school does not have an active chapter, contact a teacher or administrator about the possibility of forming one. Advisors, remember any student in your school is eligible for membership even if they are not enrolled in a career/technology program. They would be eligible to participate in any leadership contest, but would have to be in a career/technology program to be eligible for the skills competitions.



The SkillsUSA Championships is the showcase for the best career and technical students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through the state and national levels.

This is a multi-million dollar event that occupies a space equivalent to 16 football fields. In 2013, there were nearly 6,000 contestants in 98 separate events. Nearly 1,500 judges and contest organizers from labor and management make the national event possible.

The philosophy of the Championships is to reward students for excellence, to involve industry in directly evaluating student performance and to keep training relevant to employers’ needs.


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